Favorite Audio

Quest for Immortality P.1 Heavy Metal Song
Dragon Heavy Metal Song
KingdomHeartsFinalBattle(rmk) Classical Song
Empty Pack {Lone Wolf} Ambient Song
[dB] End of the World Miscellaneous Song
Sonic - Breaking 7he Barrier Video Game Song
Final Boss Techno Song
Wtfepic Battle Video Game Loop
Snailiad - Moon Snail Video Game Loop
Panic over a puppet Video Game Loop
The glitched god Video Game Loop
Neon Speedway (loop) Video Game Loop
Forze De Male (KH) Video Game Song
Mysterious Sleeper Video Game Song
Tails' Theme Video Game Song
Battle of the Corrupted Video Game Song
Sonic 1 - Boss Orchestral Video Game Song
Kingdom Hearts Rock Video Game Song
Victory At Last Video Game Song
Doomsday Zone Video Game Song
Sonic Boss Compilation Video Game Song
(HoS) Black Water Video Game Song
Lone Wolf (Death Metal) Heavy Metal Song
This Is Halloween (Heavy) Heavy Metal Song
Crying Soul Remix 2 Techno Song
-AeF- Requiem For a Dream V3 Techno Song
This Is Halloween Techno Remix Techno Song
This Is Halloween-Tech {Alix1} Techno Song
This is Halloween R3mix Techno Song
Nasty in the Pasty Techno Song
Sonic Armegeddon: Shadows Grunge Song
Tainted Soul Theme Ambient Song
You Are Dead Miscellaneous Loop
Requiem For a Dream [Band] Miscellaneous Song
[HoS] Steam and Robots Miscellaneous Song
Scary Run Miscellaneous Song
_-={Dark Skies}=-_ Classical Song
[HoS] Tears of an Angel Classical Song
Rainbow Factory VS. Hello Zepp Classical Song
Darkmoor Classical Song
Rainbow Factory Remix v1 Dubstep Song
This Is Halloween Dubstep Song